Canadian real estate solutions built for you.

We are the private real estate management experts in Canada. We can assist you with the acquisition and day-to-day management of properties. Canora specialists will set up a personalized investment strategy in line with your financial objectives.


Canora specialists understand the realities of the Canadian real estate market. We are your foundation. By analyzing your needs, we create your business plan and help you select the most suitable properties. We manage your properties and handle the administrative work related to the holding structure of your assets.

A successful real estate portfolio is built on a solid business plan. Canora experts will:

  • Analyze your needs and goals to set up a sustainable business plan
  • Present various financial models that support your goals
  • Scrutinize financing scenarios to pick the one that best fits your investment plan
  • Finalize the selection of assets by conducting thorough on-site due diligence inspections

Be it privately, through a corporate structure, partnership or club deal, there are many ways to hold your real estate assets. We will solve these issues by managing:

  • Legal matters and representation
  • Banking relations
  • Management reporting
  • Corporate accounting
  • Fiscal reporting

For any real estate investment to be profitable, sound property management is required. Our experienced team is committed to preserving the value of your properties by offering rigorous management services while ensuring the occupants’ comfort and safety. Canora’s property management services include:

  • Leasing services
  • Operations management
  • Accounting and financial services
  • Insurance policy negotiation
  • Property maintenance
  • Customer service

As an owner, senior executive or fund manager, your focus should be on growing your business. Canora experts will:

  • Inform you of opportunities that will meet your company’s specific real estate needs
  • Negotiate leases and rental conditions to reach your financial goals
  • Provide advice and property management for institutional investors and pension funds



Canora’s professionals have developed multidisciplinary real estate expertise to offer personalized investment services. Our competent, diligent and dedicated team listens and provides the best solutions. Canora serves your interests.


Canora’s commitment to using best practices in the Canadian real estate market is a testament to our transparency and provides our clients with peace of mind.

Value creation

With Canora’s innovative, out-of-the-box and forward thinking, we increase the value of your real estate portfolio in Canada. Canora’s professionals take ownership of client projects to ensure a high standard of quality and deliver exceptional results


Montreal, the bridge between Europe and North America

Montreal has become a must for investors and professional immigrants due to its superior quality of life and affordable housing prices. opportunities for investing in Canadian real estate abound, and we are here to help you seize them.



Acquiring a rental building is an attractive solution for property investments:

  • We analyze market opportunities (market and comparables research)
  • We oversee due diligence
  • We scrutinize financing scenarios to pick the one that best fits your investment plan
  • We assist with the acquisition through the Canora Real Estate Agency brokerage services
  • We ensure the sustainability and profitability of your assets through sound management

The capital gain realized between the purchase of a pre-construction condo or rental building and the delivery of the property is significant. We negotiate the following aspects with the promoters for your benefit:

  • Purchase price and inclusions
  • Payment schedule
  • Financing at the bank
  • Changes to the plan
  • Quality of finishes
  • Work follow-up and compliance with deadlines

Canora has been able to leverage its team’s expertise to create the first Club Deal in 2019. This real estate investment project is a limited partnership that focuses on optimizing real estate assets. We are also able to co-invest with our clients, thereby allowing for greater interest alignment.

For investors looking to create recurring income and diversify their investment portfolio, we offer private debt solutions related to real estate. The principle of such a product is to offer interim financing for construction as well as for real estate redevelopment in the short term.


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